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Y Cares – Educational Enrichment Program

The Y is committed to serving all participants engaged in full- or part-time distance learning, by providing high-quality full-day care in Las Vegas. Y Cares will combine fun, character-building activities with an educational enrichment component.

Participants will receive homework help, along with dedicated time to complete school assignments. Y-trained staff will offer additional opportunities for participants interested in honing in on valuable math, reading or science skills.

All proper health and safety protocols will continue to be taken within our Y Cares locations, including:

  • Temperature checks
  • Extensive sanitation procedures
  • Social distancing
  • Mask requirements
  • and More

The Y offers financial assistance to those who qualify. This Assistance Application must be completed with all required documentation listed to apply for Y Cares in Las Vegas.

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Check out our Y Cares Enrichment Add-On Programs per branch! From swim team to soccer, the Y aims to give your child a well-rounded experience in addition to our educational component. Please register for any of the programs below online or at the front desk!*

*Offerings vary per branch and are subject to change. Please check the front desk for the most current schedule.

Y Cares in Las Vegas Components

1. Character Academy: Encourages social and emotional development while building upon the Y’s character values (honesty, caring, respect and responsibility).

2. Enrichment Centers: Y Cares is a holistic program that includes: Arts, Humanities, STEM, Literacy and PE.

3. Learning Centers: Caring staff provide academic support, specialized engagement and direction to complete class assignments.

4. Activity Zones: Brain breaks are important! The Y’s basketball gyms, rock wall, pools (where applicable), youth sports complex, parks, playgrounds, and so much more keep participants active when not engaged in learning.

5. Zoom Rooms: Quite space staffed to support participants in their scheduled distance education.

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