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Personal, Small Group & Team Training

Each person's body is unique - genetics, past history, and even past injuries play role. Different fitness goals require different exercise workouts. At the Y, we offer one-on-one, small group and team training, as well as physical assessment and coaching sessions with trained personal trainers. Please note that Small Group and Team Training session lengths vary by program. Minimum of 30 minutes, maximum of 60 minutes. To find out what training is offered at your Y and to register, you can:

  • Call the front desk of your Y and ask to speak with the Health & Wellness Coordinator or Director

        Heinrich Y - Vince DeFiesta(702) 877-7272

        Durango Hills Y - Emanuel Haniotis(702) 839-4914

        Centennial Hills Y - Sonya Walker(702) 476-6750

        SkyView Y - Sandy Doherty, (702) 998-9107

  • View available training sessions and register online
  • Download our mobile app, view training sessions (under Programs) and register from your mobile device - Search for YMCA of Southern Nevada in the Apple Store (for Apple devices) or Google Play Store (for Android phones)


Team Training

8 sessions - $98/person
(2x per week for 4 weeks)
Love the team atmosphere? Join a team of 5-12 people led by a personal trainer and start seeing results.

KATz Boot Camp
8 sessions - $49/member ($54/program participant only)
(2x per week for 4 weeks)
Tuesdays & Thursdays, 6-6:30 am

KATz Boot Camp TRIAL (Runs January 23rd - February 1st)
4 sessions - $25/member ($30/program participant only)
(2x per week for 2 weeks)
Tuesdays & Thursdays, 6-6:30 am

GRIT Team Training

Available at Centennial Hills & Durango Hills locations

$75 per month

Unlimited classes

Includes LesMills GRIT, Y BURN, HIIT & ELITE (Check local branch for availability)

Click here to learn more about GRIT & high-intensity interval training!


Small Group Training

8 sessions - $190/person
(2x per week for 4 weeks)
More bang for your buck!  Join us in 
these small group trainings (2-5 people) and enjoy a personal trainer at a fraction of the price. Great way to meet other members who share your fitness level and goals.  


Fitness Assessment

Functional movement assessment and BMI calculation provides you with a snapshot of your current health.


Program Design

If you are able to take it on your own but just need the road map, this is the program for you. Those who are self-motivated find this takes them to the next step.


One-Hour Coaching

5 One hour coaching sessions - $216
10 One hour coaching sessions - $406
One-on-one sessions with our certified trainers gives you the special attention you need. Visit the front desk of your branch to fill out a request form.


30-Minute Coaching

5 30-minute coaching sessions - $153
10 30-minute coaching sessions - $273
Same great session just tailored to those in a hurry. Visit the front desk of your branch to fill out a request form.





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