Meet the Member: Maria Harbalieva

Meet Maria Harbalieva, a proud member of the YMCA and a loving mother of two beautiful children, Nikola Perry and Valen Perry. Maria has been a part of the YMCA for over a year now, and she couldn’t be happier with her experience at the facility. Although she was a member for a little while back in 2011 before she had kids, Maria has recently re-joined the YMCA, and it has been a wonderful journey so far.

Maria’s professional background is as a Pharmacy Tech. However, when she’s not at work, she loves to spend her time at the YMCA, engaging in various activities that the facility has to offer. Her favorite program at the YMCA is Gymnastics, and she cannot stop praising Coach David for his exceptional coaching skills.

According to Maria, Coach David has an incredible ability to connect with the kids and understand their needs. He is patient, compassionate, and knows how to make the environment fun for everyone.

As a member of the YMCA, Maria is highly impressed with the facility’s core value of Caring. She finds everyone, including the front desk staff, janitors, and other staff members warm and welcoming. It is heartwarming for her to see the staff members interacting with the kids and knowing them by name. It’s one of the many reasons why she loves coming to the YMCA.

Another one of Maria’s favorite thing about the YMCA is swimming. Her kids love the pool, and they can’t wait for the waterpark to open this summer. According to Maria, the YMCA has something for everyone. It is a great place for all ages to engage in various activities. It is a perfect family environment, and it’s a great community resource for people to tap into. She highly recommends the YMCA to anyone looking for a welcoming and engaging community.

When asked about her favorite YMCA story or memory, Maria has two stories that stand out the most. The first one is about the lifeguards and their whistles. Her kids were fascinated by the lifeguards blowing their whistles and even asked if they could blow them to get everyone out of the pool. Emma, the lifeguard, went the extra mile to get them their own whistle to assist with getting everyone out of the pool. It made the kids so happy, and Maria still has that whistle that Emma gave them at home.

The second story is about Nikola learning to jump into the pool. He had a fear of jumping into the water, but with the help of the YMCA staff and his family’s support, he overcame his fear and jumped into the pool. He was so proud of himself, and Maria loves to see how happy her kids are at the YMCA. Despite getting an ear infection from being under the water so much, Nikola still loves jumping in the pool!

In conclusion, Maria highly recommends the YMCA to anyone looking for a welcoming, engaging, and caring community. The staff members make the YMCA an amazing place to come, and her family always feels so welcomed. Maria loves that the YMCA is accommodating and tries to do what they can to help all families. Her family was a recipient of the YMCA’s Giving Tree this past holiday, and she was so happy to see her kids open their gifts. The Las Vegas YMCA has become an integral part of her family’s life, and she looks forward to many more memories and experiences at the facility.