At-home Activities to Enhance Your Child’s Preschool Learning Skills

Preschool learning skills aren’t limited to the preschool environment, especially now when children are also taking their classes at home. As a parent, finding fun and engaging tasks that can help your child enjoy preschool is a great way to keep their growing minds active. It also allows for more creative and helpful ways for them to spend their time instead of focusing on television.

Preschool Learning Skills Activities Can Help Your Child Learn at Home

Chromatography Experiments 
Exploring color and paper is always an exciting activity for children. For this activity, grab some paper towels, several markers of different colors, glasses of water, and a pair of scissors. Help your child cut the paper towels into long strips and draw a line with a marker at one end of the strip; the line should be slightly above the end of the paper strip. Next, dip the paper strip in the water, with the colored end just slightly touching the water and watch the magic happen – as the water moves up the paper towel, the color spreads and separates if it’s a combination of several colors. For example, black separates into blue, yellow and green. You can repeat the experiment with different papers and glue them together to create chromatography flowers.

Bottle Cap Math Game 
This is an easy and fun game that helps your child remember their preschool math. It’s also excellent for a little competition. First, collect as many bottle caps as possible. Second, grab some paper and use the bottle cap to trace circles. Cut out the circles and ask your little ones to help. Take the paper circles and write a number on each one.

The game is simple: pick up a circle and ask your child the number that’s written on it. Let each child answer as many questions as possible before comparing scores. Remember also to correct the kids and show them the answers once the game is over.

ABC Sidewalk Game 
Are you looking for a creative way to keep your kids physically active? Try the sidewalk chalk game. Clean your sidewalk if it’s too dirty and grab some chalk and a yardstick. Next, draw a 6 by 6 grid to create 36 spacious squares.

In each square, write a letter of the alphabet. Intentionally jumble up the letters and leave some spaces open to help your child think harder. Once all the letters are in the grid, start the game. You can ask them to recite all letters by jumping from one box to another. You can also give them words to spell by jumping between boxes or allowing them to jump with you.

With these games, you can help your child practice art, math and vocabulary. If you need extra help stimulating your child’s mind, consider signing them up at the Y preschool. We have an excellent curriculum to help your child learn while at home. Contact the Y for more information.