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Fitness Classes for Kids

BORN TO MOVE fitness classes for kids launch at the YMCAs in Las Vegas!

The YMCA of Southern Nevada is pleased to announce the availability of the LES MILLS BORN TO MOVETM fitness classes for kids. BORN TO MOVETM is a new series of fitness classes for kids of all ages that are fundamentally based on building positive physical habits that will stay with kids for the rest of their lives.


Ages 2-5: fitness classes for kids that focus on imagination, exploration, music and movement

  • For ages 2-3, the Y offers 30-45 minute classes that parents or caregivers participate in. The music is written with lyrics that act as sung instructions as the kids go through moves that help build body awareness and balance.
  • For ages 4-5, the Y offers 45-55 minute classes that help the kids develop self-awareness, balance, weight transfer and concentration skills


Ages 6-7: fitness classes for kids that focus on playful movement, music and games

Classes run 30, 45 or 55 minutes and introduce the kids to movement skills using fun rather than formal exercise routines. Knowing that children of this age are primarily visual learners, the focus is on easy to copy moves.


Ages 8-12: fitness classes for kids that focus on dynamic games, movement and music

These fitness classes for kids run 30 or 45 minutes and the kids learn moves from dance, yoga and martial arts. Music and games keep the class lively and everyone leaves feeling great!


Ages 13-16: fitness classes for kids that focus on expressive action, music and energy

These classes run 30 or 45 minutes and feature moves drawn from martial arts, plyometrics, sports conditioning, yoga, dance and hip hop. The kids learn from a mix of moves that are constantly updated to keep things interesting. Everyone leaves this fitness class for kids with a strong sense of achievement and energy.


Check out the schedule for all fitness classes for kids at each Y location or call (702) 877-9622 to learn more.



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