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Summer Camp




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Calling all heroes! We need your help! Many years ago, the evil Titan traveled the eleven realms and destroyed entire planets to steal the legendary Character Stones. With all eleven Character Stones, Titan would wield the power to spread despair across the universe. Fortunately, brave lifeforms from each realm banded together to form the Y-Vengers in the battle against Titan. The Y-Vengers used their superpowers to weaken Titan to the point of retreat and took back the Character Stones. However, the battle all but depleted their superpowers - so each of them was tasked with returning home with their realm’s Character Stone to train the next generation of Y-Vengers in anticipation of Titan’s return. 

Campers will spend one week in each of the eleven realms, absorbing that realm’s Character Stone and developing the superpower from that realm’s Y-Venger. Be careful, though, because Titan and his loyal minions are lurking in the shadows waiting for their chance to take back the Character Stones. Do you have what it takes to protect the universe? 
All Y Camp activities have the following characteristics:
  • Age Appropriate
  • Represent the Y's core values of Honesty, Caring, Respect and Responsibility
  • Align with Healthy Eating and Physical Activities (HEPA) standards
  • Focus on long-term results of the whole child
  • Are well planned, positive, inclusive, and designed to create the BEST SUMMER EVER!!!

The following documents will be required for registration. Please click on each applicable link to download the appropriate forms:




After April 1st, 2019, register online or in person & submit the above documents to the welcome desk of your Y!



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