Aqua Fit Classes in Las Vegas
Aqua Fit Classes in Las Vegas

When you live in a desert community, spending time in the pool is one of the best ways to stay cool and get fit. If you’re interested in a water workout that’s both effective and fun, try the Aqua Fit class in Las Vegas at your local YMCA. If you enjoy exercise in a group setting and are looking for a change from swimming laps—this class is a great option for you!

Endless benefits

Besides being both fun and refreshing, exercising in the pool is gentle on the joints. As a no-impact workout, Aqua Fit classes are perfect for all ages and fitness levels. If you normally pound the pavement or lift weights to keep fit, Aqua Fit classes can add variety to your workout schedule and gives your joints a well-earned day off.

If you suffer from arthritis, Aqua Fit classes help you stay fit without added stress on hips, knees and other joints. What about the kids in the family? Kids love being in the water, making Aqua Fit a great option for kids who want a fun way to exercise as well. For anyone looking to get back in shape, Aqua Fit is a sneaky way to do so—it’s healthy exercise cleverly disguised as...lots of fun!

Aqua Fit Options for YMCA Members

Whether you prefer lower-impact exercise or something with more intensity, you can be sure to find what you need with the Y’s Aqua Fit classes in Las Vegas. Join in the regularly scheduled Aqua Fit classes to:

  • Build muscle strength
  • Increase cardio fitness
  • Enhance flexibility/maintain mobility
  • Gentle on joints, helps arthritis pain
  • Vary your workout routine
  • Stay motivated in free group classes for members
  • And have fun in the water!

If you like working out at a slightly more advanced level, Power Aqua Fitness is for you. This class adds a circuit workout to the already effective water workout. Do you prefer a workout that’s more like a pool party? The YMCA offers Aqua Zumba classes to let you splash and dance in the pool while burning calories and toning up your body.

Even More! Water Activities at the Y

Although Aqua Fit classes could be the perfect way to work out and have fun, your local YMCA also offers lots of other water-related activities and classes including:

If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of our Aqua Fit classes in Las Vegas or any of our other water-related activities, contact your local Las Vegas YMCA today or call 702-877-9622.



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