A unique "Fraim" of reference
Board member Dick Fraim is motivated by loyalty, memories


Dick Fraim built his career with Landmark Communications. He has helped build community by serving as a volunteer board member first at the YMCA in Norfolk, Virginia, then in San Jose, California, and finally in Southern Nevada. He may have retired as president and general manager of KLAS TV in 2004, but Fraim maintains an active role on the YMCA of Southern Nevada’s board of directors.

Why does he continue to serve? For Fraim, the answer is easy. He’s loyal.

“When I volunteer for a board, I tend to stay on it,” Fraim said. “The YMCA is one of the outstanding not-for-profit organizations in Clark County – in the country for that matter – and it’s great to be involved in an organization that reaches so many people who otherwise couldn’t afford summer camps and other recreational opportunities.”

Fraim has worn many hats as a YMCA board member, having served as chairman of the sustaining campaign for two years and as membership chair. Regardless of Fraim’s role, he’s continually impressed with President and CEO Mike Lubbe’s leadership abilities.

“Mike is sensational. I’ve encountered many impressive CEOs of nonprofits, and it strikes me how strong the majority of them are,” Fraim said. “Mike could successfully lead any for-profit business. He’s capable and experienced in the Y mission, and we’re fortunate to have him.”

Fraim stays involved with the YMCA for personal reasons, too. He and his siblings lost their father when Fraim was just 7 years old. He fondly recalls having the opportunity to participate in activities at the YMCA and Boys & Girls Club in Norfolk, Virginia. Those experiences had a positive impact on Fraim as a youth.

“As I moved along in life, I realized that I wouldn’t have had a chance to take part in many activities had others not supported those nonprofits,” Fraim said. “When I stay involved now, it’s partly due to those memories and the chances I had in childhood because of the generosity of others.”


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