A view from the chair
Larry Seedig discusses “momentum”

In 2007, Larry Seedig assumed the YMCA’s most visible volunteer position, chairman of the board. After calling 24 board meetings to order, Seedig is reflecting on two years at the helm.

When asked what word describes his term as board chair, Seedig, president and CEO of USAA Savings Bank, said “momentum.” It’s a word that’s familiar to his fellow board members as Seedig continually reiterated, “We need to remember where we came from, where we are, where we’re going and what our plans are.” It was his foundation for building momentum.

Armed with that philosophy and a desire to reach growth milestones, Seedig established a momentum that helped the Y achieve impressive success. The board developed and implemented its first formalized strategic plan under Seedig’s leadership. In addition, the committee structure was reviewed and the Audit Committee was established to ensure compliance and transparency to give donors even more confidence that the not-for-profit organization operates at the highest standards. Seedig also tapped into the board’s expertise to update the Y’s bylaws, which set the stage for continued momentum.

Long aware that Clark County’s growth was outpacing the YMCA’s ability to serve families from just two facilities, the Bill & Lillie Heinrich YMCA and Durango Hills YMCA, Seedig also made it his mission to see that plans to operate the Centennial Hills YMCA were executed. Since opening in July 2007, the northwest branch now serves nearly 2,500 members.

“I can’t take full credit. The wheels were in motion before I became board chair and many others played major roles in the branch’s success,” Seedig said. “However, the branch opened under my watch and it makes me very proud. We have a seasoned branch executive in Jeff Treslley, and he and his team have been the catalyst for impressive membership growth.”

Growth won’t stop at Centennial Hills, as the Y is conducting research and analysis to identify opportunities in underserved areas. Along with President and CEO Mike Lubbe, the board is carefully reviewing options.

“We’re asking ourselves hard questions. Is it the right time for a capital campaign? Is that contradictory to the economic climate? We’re even considering collaborative opportunities that could help the Y further its reach in the Valley,” Seedig said.

In addition to serving on the board of directors as immediate past chair, Seedig served as an elected delegate to YMCA of the USA’s 2009 National Assembly. He had a voice in the governance of the national organization.

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