Day Camp in Las Vegas | 702-877-9622
Day Camp in Las Vegas | 702-877-9622

A Day Camp in Las Vegas, For When School is Out

A children’s day camp in Las Vegas for when school is out of session and parents have to work? That’s a good idea.

The fact that YMCA runs the camp? That’s even better.

All four YMCA locations offer a well-rounded day camp in Las Vegas that keeps children busy and engaged during school holidays or when teachers have inservice training. We keep the pace lively and the schedule flexible, with children participating in activities in which they are most interested.

The YMCA offers supervised fun for students’ days off that is far superior to TV or video games. Our structured programs stimulate their minds and promote physical fitness while encouraging social interaction with others their age.

At a cost of $40 per day, each child is able to spend the day having fun at activities such as:

  • Sports and games, aimed at the individual child’s level of skill and comfort.
  • Arts and crafts, to promote creativity.
  • Sience projects that promote curiosity about the world around them.

Your child’s day camp in Las Vegas begins at 7 a.m. and ends at 6 p.m., although parents may pick up children at any time.

Each Y Branch Features a Day Camp in Las Vegas

Because the YMCA is geared toward families, you can trust us with your child’s safety. Our staff has lots of experience with summer camps, after-school child care, and other youth activities, and all children are under the constant supervision of a qualified Y employee for the duration of the day camp in Las Vegas.

Just arrange to have your child dropped off and picked up at any of these YMCA locations:

For more information on a YMCA day camp in Las Vegas, visit the Y branch most convenient to your work or home. Or call us at 702-877-9622 and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.



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