Group Exercise

City of Las Vegas Durango Hills Community Center,
Operated by the YMCA

FREE wellness classes are another value of YMCA membership. There are various levels of classes to suit your needs and health and wellness goals. Classes are complimentary to members unless otherwise noted.

See the schedule for session dates and times unless details appear below. Registration is not necessary for most classes. Contact Colleen Beck at (702) 839-4916 or for more information. The YMCA’s four core values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility are incorporated into every program.

Les Mills BODYPUMP has arrived!!! Classes begin April 6, 2013. Come early to reserve your spot!

Adult Fitness

(Kids 8 years+ with parent participation welcome)

Coming April 2013! You'll love Les Mills BODYPUMP, the original barbell class that strengthens your entire body. This 60-minute workout will challenge all of your major muscle groups by using the best weight-room exercises...squats, presses, lifts and curls. Great music, awesome instructors and your choice of weight will inspire you to get the results you want - and fast!

20/20/20 Fusion
Get a great workout for your entire body, inside and out! This combo class includes cardio, sculpting and stretching/breathing to give you a complete workout. Join in on any or all sections to fit your needs. All fitness levels welcome.

Bars, Bells & Balls
This is a fun, exciting class for all levels! Build core strength using body bars, dumbbells and balls. You'll do exercises in two-minute intervals.

Boogie Line Dance
If you love to dance and burn calories, this fun-filled line dance aerobic workout is for you. This exciting class teaches new moves to get your heart rate up and put a smile on your face. Fun for all levels.

Cardio Bar
Get fit fast with this pilates-based cardio/strength class. You'll sweat and feel the burn!

Cardio Kickboxing
Kick it up in this high-energy class that includes kickboxing techniques, basic punches and combo drills set to today’s music. A low-impact option also is offered.

Core Power
Get into tip-top shape as our instructor leads you through a series of drills to strengthen your core and leave you wanting more.

Fundamentals of Tai Chi Chuan
This beginner's class designed to give participants the basics of Tai Chi Chuan is ideal as a prerequisite to Tai Chi class or for those who wish to develop deeper into each movement.

Hot Hula Fitness
This total body workout is inspired by the dances of the Pacific Islands. Easy-to-perform dance movements set to Polynesian drum beats fused with reggae music result in a modern, hip fitness workout. No experience necessary! Join the fun and shake those hips - great waist and hip toner.

Indoor Cycling
Whether you’re a beginner, recreational cyclist or serious racer, this class on cutting-edge indoor stationary bikes provides an excellent workout with no joint impact. Check the schedule for specialty cycling classes.

Muscle Madness
Join our instructor in this powerful yet fun class guaranteed to make your muscles scream for more! Want results fast? This is your class.

This mat-based class uses a variety of props to optimize strength, endurance, flexibility and posture through core conditioning.

Silver & Fit
This low-impact class is designed for moderately active adults (age 55+) with optional use of chairs, bands and dumbbells. It's fun-filled and easy to follow, with emphasis on strength, balance and endurance.

Sports Conditioning (Ages 13+)
WOW! Experience strength, plyometrics, speed and agility drills all wrapped into one powerful workout.

Step It Out/Beginner Step
Experience a cardio dance/step class offering a high/low impact cardio workout with high/low intensity on a platform step.

Sunset Cycle
Get a great evening workout with this powerful class. Motivating music helps you reach your body's potential while burning away unwanted fat. Great way to finish your day!

Tai Chi
Improve your relaxation, circulation, balance and coordination while discovering your inner peace.

Multi-Level Yoga
Join our Yoga therapist as she guides you through traditional yoga poses with added care. If you're a first timer or want to fine tune your skills, this is the class for you.

Senior Yoga Therapy
Our yoga instructor guides you through traditional poses with added care. If you're a first timer or just need a gentle stretching class, this is the class for you.

Yoga Rejuvenation
This restorative form of yoga is designed to invigorate the senses, realign the spine and wake up the mind. Discover the new you!

Practice traditional poses, sun salutations, stretches and relaxation techniques. Class may include power/strength training focused on total body toning, increased flexibility and range of motion.

Vinyasa Yoga
Restore energy and balance in this intermediate-to-advanced flow yoga class. Benefit from a total body-strengthening workout.

Join the party! Learn Latin-style dance routines in the latest, hottest fitness workout. Get your heart pumping and burn calories while having fun! Great for the entire family.

Zumba Gold
This Silver & Fit dance powered by Zumba Gold is a fun-filled, safe and easy-to-follow Latin dance program created for active older adults and appropriate for all fitness levels. We simplify the merengue, salsa, cha-cha, belly dance, cumbia, flamenco, tango and rock & roll so you get a total body workout that is inspiring and fun!

55+ Yoga Fitness
Looking for the lighter side of yoga plus muscle conditioning? This is for you! Join us in a comfortable, non-competitive setting.

Family & Youth Fitness

Mikel′s YMCA Dance Academy (3 years - teen)
Your dancer will receive training in ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop and combo. Dancers can also join the dance team and perform at special events. Call 592-8747 for more information. Registration is required.
When: Mondays, 4-5 p.m. (6 years - teen) and 5-6 p.m. (3-5 years)
Cost: $43 monthly plus fee for costume and pom poms

C.A.T.C.H. (Coordinated Approach To Child Health)  (5-12 years) - Coming April 2013
This FREE program promotes behaviors that assist in developing and maintaining health in school-age children. The primary goal is to promote healthy nutrition and physical acitivity through non-competitive games, movement and lots of fun. Kids love it!


 Pre-School Registration