Swim Lessons

City of Las Vegas Centennial Hills Community Center,
Operated by the YMCA

See the Indoor Swim Lesson schedule and the Outdoor Swim Lesson schedule for session dates and times unless details appear below. Register at the front desk of any YMCA location Contact our Swim Office at (702) 476-6743 for more information. The YMCA’s four core values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility are incorporated into every program.

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Pre-register at the front desk to ensure your spot in the program. See schedules for class days and times.

  • Preschool non-swimmers (Pike/Eel 3-5 years)

  • Preschool swimmers (Ray/Starfish 3-5 years)

  • Parent/Child (6 months-3 years)

  • Youth non-swimmers (Polliwog/Guppy 6-12 years)

  • Youth swimmers (Minnow/Fish 6-12 years)

Swim Lesson Lingo

Group Lessons
One session includes eight lessons. Preschool lessons are 30 minutes. Youth lessons are 45 minutes.
Cost: $104 session (one session includes 8 lessons)

Swim Lesson Descriptions

Contact Tom Robertson at trobertson@lasvegasymca.org to schedule an assessment if you are unsure of your child's level. 

Preschool Swim Lessons (6 months - 5 years)
Children are grouped by ability level and taught personal safety, independent swimming and floating skills. Our instructors build swimmers’ confidence while enabling them to grow independently in the water. Class descriptions are below.
Group lesson cost: $104 for eight lessons
Length: Each class is 30 minutes

Parent Child (6-36 months) Little ones get an introduction to the water in a nurturing environment. Our instructors guide parents through teaching basic water safety and skills with songs and games. It’s a great first experience! (One adult only must accompany each child. A swim diaper is required and can be purchased at the front desk.)

Pike is for non-swimmers. Instruction focuses on assisted floating, kicking, paddling and getting comfortable in the water by themselves.

Eel is for children who are comfortable in the water by themselves or have passed Pike swimming level. Instruction focuses on floating, kicking and proper arm strokes independently in the water on child's front and back.

Ray is for children who have completed Eel or are able to float, kick and perform arms independently. Instruction focuses on continuing child's freestyle and backstroke, along with learning freestyle side breathing and breaststroke kick.

Starfish is for children who are able to swim freestyle with breathing to the side, backstroke and able to perform a proper breaststroke kick. This level refines freestyle and backstroke and continues to build endurance.

Youth Swim Lessons (6-12 years)
Swimmers are grouped by ability and receive an introduction to all of the strokes. Programs focus on personal growth, safety, rescue skills, diving and water games. Class descriptions follow.
Group lesson cost: $104 for eight lessons
Lesson length: 45 minutes

Polliwog is for non-swimmers. Instruction focuses on floating, kicking and paddling on front and back with assistance.

Guppy is for children who have completed Polliwog. Instruction focuses on floating, kicking and proper arm strokes independently in the water on child's front and back.

Minnow is for children who can swim freestyle and breaststroke independently. Instruction focuses on freestyle breathing to the side, breaststroke kick and breaststroke arms.

Fish is for children who completed Minnow or can swim 25 yards of freestyle breathing to the side and backstroke. Swimmers learn breaststroke, dolphin kick and butterfly arms.

Teen and Adult Swim Lessons (13+ years)
If you have little or no aquatic experience, take this opportunity to develop new lifelong skills or improve your current abilities. Our separate teen and adult classes offer supportive lessons designed to build confidence while you learn.
Group lesson rate: $104 for eight lessons
Lesson length: 45 minutes

Private Swim Lessons

Private Swim Lessons (3 years+)
Participants work on a one-on-one basis with an instructor at a time that works best for them. Participants can learn how to swim or choose personal training to improve competitive skills. Each lesson is 30 minutes.
Cost: one lesson - $35
three lessons - $95
six lessons - $170


 Pre-School Registration