Water Fitness

Bill & Lillie Heinrich YMCA

FREE fitness classes are another value of YMCA membership. There are various levels of classes to suit your needs and fitness goals. Fitness classes are complimentary to members unless otherwise noted.

See the schedule for session dates and times unless details appear below. Registration is not necessary for most fitness classes. Contact Shawna Rust at (702) 877-7272 or srust@lasvegasymca.org for more information. The YMCA’s four core values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility are incorporated into every program.

Arthritis Splash
If you’re an ambulatory individual with arthritis, get a zero-impact workout while focusing on sustaining and/or improving muscle and joint mobility while improving overall fitness. This class eases aches, pains and gets you moving.

Experience a low-impact workout focused on cardiovascular conditioning, strength training and flexibility. It gets your heart pumping and burns calories. Class is held in deep and shallow water and uses a variety of equipment.

Post-Stroke Aquatics
If you're an ambulatory individual with a disability or recovering from a stroke, this water program is designed just for you.

Water Fitness
Get a water aerobics workout to tone and condition while increasing your flexibility and range of motion.

 Pre-School Registration